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“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.” - Elon Musk

People fall in love with anything and everything that themselves can relate to! Does your product or service do the same?

Here's What We Believe a 'User Experience' is all about.

During the recent years, much focus has been given to 'User Experience(UX)' in the digital space. UX blends elements of psychology, design, aesthetics and art to create playful and engaging experiences for your digital customers. Here are a few ways which you can create engaging and playful experiences!

Think like a 3 year old child

Every adult has a child inside them who wants to go out into the meadow and run free. Try to connect with the inner child of the person by designing elements of surprise, wonder and excitement! Make some buttons pop; while others simply float away! But don't over do it!


They say 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. We say simplicity is the only thing that matters. World-class UX is the ability to strip elements until every single remaining element has a purpose of existence and compliments its adjoining elements!


Everything in nature is constantly in motion; from the very atoms that are in our human body to the galaxies! Motion excites us and increase our curiosity as to how things will behave. It also helps us to predict how certain things can behave! Embed motion to bring out the emotion!


Elements in your digital space should have the sense of playfulness within them. Users should be able to hover and click over elements and see what happens. Playfulness also encourages making mistakes and guides the user to achieve their desired task. Embrace playfulness!

Curiosity + Adventure

Create space to drive curiosity and adventure in every digital platform of your business! Provide guidance to your users but do not micro-manage them and guide them. Let them wonder freely and discover that your digital space has so much more than they were looking for!


Although carefully crafted elements play a major role in UX; creating a generous margin and white spaces enable the users to focus on what truly matter and to discover what they came to look for! The real challenge is creating the perfect blend of elements and space!

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